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Circu Atayde Mexico

Circo Atayde Hermanos

Since 1888


Andres Atayde
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Andres Atayde Arteche (1907 - 1975)
Circo Atayde Circus Train Mexico
Circo Atayde - Circus Train
Circus Ayayde Modern
Circus Atayde Tiger Act

Aurelio Atayde, Andres Atayde,Joe Horowitz and Bob Taber
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L - R Aurelio Atayde, Andres Atayde, Bob Taber and Joe Horowitz


The Atayde Circus Family

Circo Atayde Group Photo

Circo Atayde is perhaps the oldest family owned continuously operating circus in the world.

In 1872 at age 10 Don Aurelio Atayde Zacatecas, ran away from his family's farm in Zacatecas Mexico and join a circus. In 1888 he asked his brothers Manuel, Refugio and Andres to join him and thus Circo Atayde was born. The circus has been operating continuously ever since.

Today the modern day circus is highly respected among the circus community and patrons alike.

In 2011 the Circo Atayde won the "Lunas del Auditorio Nacional" award in Mexico City and that same year the Atayde Brothers were inducted into the Sarasota Ring of Fame.

In recent years the Atayde family name has been pirated many times, smaller shows and of much less quality have been calling themselves "Circo Atayde". This has been a great concern to Andres and the Atayde family. The circus has been in existences for over 100 years due to the quality of the show and the reputation of the Atayde name.

Web Site:  Circo Atayde Hermanos


Lunas del Auditorio Nacional AwardSarasota Ring of Fame 2011

In 1978 Andres Atayde was inducted into the Circus Hall of Fame.

Circo Atayde Owners   Lunas del Auditorio Nacional Awards Ceremony, Mexico City
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Aurelio and Andres Atayde
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Lunas del Auditorio Nacional
Awards Ceremony, Mexico City


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