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Cole Bros Circus


Cole Bros. Circus

Jess Adkins and Zack Terrell
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Jess Adkins (left) and Zack Terrell
Cole Bros circus
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Cole Bros Train- Gene Meade, Hayden Richards, Tex Fetta, Roger Boyd and Walt Brinkman
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Left to Right
Gene Meade, Hayden Richards,
Tex Fetta, Roger Boyd
and Walt Brinkman

The Cole Title dates back to 1870 when William Washington Cole (1847–1915), started the W. W. Cole Circus. Cole was very successful in in the circus business and when he died in 1915, left an estate of five million dollars. He is considered to be the first circus millionaire.

in 1906 the title was purchased by Canadian showman Martin Downs and his son James and the title was changed to Cole Bros.. The circus was moved from St. Louis, Mo. to it's new winter quarters in Birmingham, Al..

In the late 1920s the Cole Bros. titled was used by Floyd King and his brother Howard. This version of the Cole Bros. Circus operated mostly in the west, playing mining camps and boomtowns, truly a frontier circus.

The new Cole Bros. Circus, 35 railroad car show first took to the road in 1935 with Jess Adkins and Zack Terrell as the circus organizers and owners.

Terrell who had managed the Sells-Floto Circus for the American Circus Corp. from 1921 - 1932 and in 1934 he managed a circus at the Chicago World's Fair operated by the Standard Oil Company.

Adkins had managed the Gentry Bros. Circus for Floyd King, the 25 car John Robinson Circus and in 1931 the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. Jess Adkins and Zack Terrell were very capable managers however neither had ever owned a circus, however in 1934 each were quietly making plans to take out their own circuses.

Adkins and Terrell went to Lancaster, Mo. and purchased equipment left from the now defunct Robbins Bros. Circus. The purchased included 15 wagons, 6 elephants, 5 camels, school horses, and zebras. The equipment was moved to Rochester, IN where they had bought property to serve as a winter quarters.

Adkins and Terrell hired Floyd King as general agent and Arnold Maley as office manager who both assisted in the organization of the show.

This was the begining of the Cole Bros. Circus


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Cole Bros. Circus Sideshow
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Arnold Maley in Cole Bros Ticket Wagon
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Arnold Maley in Cole Bros ticket wagon
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