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George A. Hamid
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George A. Hamid Sr.

February 1896 - June 13, 1971


George and Bessie Hamid
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George Sr. and Bessie Hamid

George Abou Hamid, Sr. was born February 1896 in Broumana, Lebanon. Hamid was orphaned early in life, as a source of income he began performing acrobatic tumbling in the streets of Broumana. He then joined his uncle's acrobatic troupe.

In 1906 the troupe performed with Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in Marseilles, France. In 1907 the wild west show returned to America, bringing young George to his new home of the United States. Having received only three years of education at an Arab school in Lebanon, it is amazing the achievements this young man would make in his lifetime.

In 1915 George married Elizabeth Mary "Bessie" Raab, the couple had two children George A Hamid Jr. (1918 - 2013) and Zyne Elizabeth Hamid (1924 - 1995).

By 1920 Hamid had started a theatrical talent agency, booking circus performers and variety acts with various shows.

In 1932 George joined with circus promoter Robert Morton and the team started the Hamid - Morton Circus.

In 1936, Hamid bought the New Jersey State Fair in Trenton, and in 1945 he acquired control of Atlantic City's famous Steel Pier which he operated for nearly 30 years.

Robert Morton passed away in 1956 and George gain full control of the Hamid - Morton Circus. The circus later became know as the Hamid Circus Inc..

On June 13, 1971, George Abou Hamid, Sr passed away leaving control of his entertainment empire to his son George Jr.


Horatio Alger Award 1948 George A. Hamid, Sr. recieved the Horatio Alger Award.

1972 George A. Hamid, Sr. was inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame.

George Hamid
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Photo Credit: New York Public Library


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